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Eldercare Support Services is a family owned, non-medical, private duty company specializing in providing assistance to the elderly population and their loved ones.

Eldercare Support Services has over 40 years of community service experience. Our reputation is highly regarded throughout Macomb County. We understand what the “needs for services” are within our community, especially for our seniors. Our connection within the community runs deep.

Our personal experiences in caregiving taught us the value of respect, independence, and most importantly, the relief one feels receiving personal assistance at home or in the community. Our experienced staff is well trained in “senior specifics”.

We foster independence and inspire fresh, new energy into the golden years. This is our valued commitment to you; Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Let us be your voice as your health care advocate for all of your needs within the community or at home with your family. Schedule & prepare for appointments, take notes, ask questions at appointments, adhere to doctors’ orders including medication reminders, understand health conditions and treatment options, and navigate healthcare system processes.

From our family to yours let our Family Support Services assist family caregivers. Don’t suffer from caregiver burnout, you deserve a break. Our caregivers follow your loved one’s daily schedule while you take time off for yourself and your family. Return to your loved one feeling renewed and refreshed.

Home Care Services in Clinton Township, MI by Eldercare Support Services, LLC

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Mission Statement

We foster independence and inspire fresh, new energy into the golden years. This is our valued commitment to you;
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

About Toni Gimas, Owner

Owner of Eldercare Support Services

My name is Toni Gimas, my journey with community service work began in 1978 when I was employed as a transporter for Macomb County.  This position allowed me to work in various departments including Senior Services, Mental Health, and Headstart. After many hours of in-service training sessions with the county and several years later, I realized there was a need for extra help in our community, especially for our elders.

In 1995, I took a chance and started my parent company, Homecare Management Services, LLC. It was the first non-medical, homecare company in the area.  It truly was a leap of faith!  The services offered were well received by the community, a success, mission accomplished.

In 2011, I realized the needs of the community have changed again, hence Eldercare Support Services, LLC.  I am very proud the scope of our services have expanded over the years. I will continue to monitor the needs of the community on a daily basis and remain dedicated and devoted to assisting our elders and their families. This is my passion.  I love our elders and their families dearly, after all, 44 years of community service is a long time.


Toni Gimas

About Melissa Selvidge

Business Manager of Eldercare Support Services

My name is Melissa Selvidge. Not only am I the daughter of the owner, Toni Gimas, but I am also the Business Manager for Eldercare Support Services, LLC.  I am the main contact and face of the company. We pride ourselves on understanding the individual needs of each family because no two families are the same.

I began investing time and giving back to the community in the late 1990s as a Home Attendant for Homecare Management Services, LLC (our parent company). In this role, I assisted low-income seniors with their daily living activities within Macomb County. 

It brought such joy and gratification knowing I was making a difference and bringing a smile to someone’s face on a daily basis.  All the while, I was attending Macomb Community College Culinary Arts program and studied at the University of Michigan for History with a Minor in Anthropology. 

Fast forward ten years and my journey brought me to Florida with a management career working for two different Canadian banks in Florida, Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal (BMO).  All of the skills I acquired from extensive sales training, my role in the branch, networking, HR management, and supporting the community I owe to Cherri Kessler, my boss, and mentor.  All of these transferrable skills I acquired then, I am putting to use today as the Business Manager for Eldercare Support Services, LLC. 

My love for the community runs deep and I support a holistic approach to caring for you or your loved one.  From our family to yours, we take pride in enriching the lives of those in our community.  It would be an honor for our family to care for you or your family.

All the Best,

Melissa Selvidge
Business Manager 

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